§ 75-101 Oath
§ 75-102 Messages to legislature
§ 75-103 Record of acts
§ 75-104 Governor’s records; maintenance, review, audit and disposition
§ 75-105 Recordation of messages to the legislature, proclamations, executive orders; requisitions for extradition and executive warrants; location
§ 75-106 Required signature, certain documents
§ 75-107 Federal transactions
§ 75-108 Actions and proceedings; employment of counsel
§ 75-109 Proceeds of sales of public lands
§ 75-110 Arms and military equipment; bonds of officers
§ 75-111 Suits on bonds of state officers
§ 75-113 Rewards
§ 75-113a Same; payment
§ 75-116 Employment by the governor of special attorneys and investigators to enforce criminal laws
§ 75-117 Governor to appoint when judges fail to act
§ 75-118 Appointment of person who is under classified civil service as acting state official, when; status and powers
§ 75-121 Acceptance of MacLennan Park in Shawnee county by the state; conditions
§ 75-122 Same; acceptance of Cedar Crest and surrounding acreage; conditions
§ 75-123 Same; acceptance of land and improvements subject to terms of will
§ 75-125 Vacancies in office of governor; successors to office of governor
§ 75-126 Disability of governor; successors to office of governor
§ 75-127 Vacancy in office of lieutenant governor; president of senate to serve in certain capacities
§ 75-128 Governor’s residence; designation
§ 75-129 Governor’s residence advisory commission; composition; chairperson
§ 75-130 Same; annual report and recommendations to legislature
§ 75-131 Same; acceptance of gifts and donations
§ 75-131a Grants, gifts or other donations for Cedar Crest; acceptance by secretary of administration; prior consultation with advisory committee; deposit of monetary gifts
§ 75-132 Transition in office of governor; incoming governor, defined
§ 75-133 Same; purpose of act
§ 75-134 Same; services and facilities to be provided incoming governor
§ 75-135 Same; services and facilities to be provided to person leaving office of governor; compensation
§ 75-136 Same; duties of person leaving office of governor
§ 75-137 Same; appropriation to finance transition; amount to be included in budget
§ 75-138 Commission on autism; membership; appointment; duties; meetings; expense allowances
§ 75-139 Title to gift shotgun accepted for Kansas transferred to former governor
§ 75-140 Conveyance of real property in Cloud county
§ 75-141 Commission on disability concerns, transferred to the office of governor; appointment of executive director
§ 75-142 Same; all functions, powers and duties transferred
§ 75-143 Same; every act of commission same force and effect; all rules, orders and directives contained
§ 75-144 Same; funds, accounts and liability for compensation and salaries of officers and employees transferred
§ 75-145 Commission succeeds to all property, records and unexpended balances; governor resolves conflicts
§ 75-146 Same; legal proceedings not affected by transfer
§ 75-147 Same; transfer of officers and employees, classified status of employees not changed

Terms Used In Kansas Statutes > Chapter 75 > Article 1

  • Appropriation: The provision of funds, through an annual appropriations act or a permanent law, for federal agencies to make payments out of the Treasury for specified purposes. The formal federal spending process consists of two sequential steps: authorization
  • Bequest: Property gifted by will.
  • Capital offense: A crime punishable by death.
  • Concurrent resolution: A legislative measure, designated "S. Con. Res." and numbered consecutively upon introduction, generally employed to address the sentiments of both chambers, to deal with issues or matters affecting both houses, such as a concurrent budget resolution, or to create a temporary joint committee. Concurrent resolutions are not submitted to the President/Governor and thus do not have the force of law.
  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.
  • Conviction: A judgement of guilt against a criminal defendant.
  • Corporation: A legal entity owned by the holders of shares of stock that have been issued, and that can own, receive, and transfer property, and carry on business in its own name.
  • Deed: is a pplied to an instrument conveying lands but does not imply a sealed instrument. See Kansas Statutes 77-201
  • Donor: The person who makes a gift.
  • Evidence: Information presented in testimony or in documents that is used to persuade the fact finder (judge or jury) to decide the case for one side or the other.
  • Executor: includes an administrator where the subject matter applies to an administrator. See Kansas Statutes 77-201
  • Extradition: The formal process of delivering an accused or convicted person from authorities in one state to authorities in another state.
  • Felony: A crime carrying a penalty of more than a year in prison.
  • Fiscal year: The fiscal year is the accounting period for the government. For the federal government, this begins on October 1 and ends on September 30. The fiscal year is designated by the calendar year in which it ends; for example, fiscal year 2006 begins on October 1, 2005 and ends on September 30, 2006.
  • General election: refers to the election required to be held on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November of each even-numbered year. See Kansas Statutes 77-201
  • Gift: A voluntary transfer or conveyance of property without consideration, or for less than full and adequate consideration based on fair market value.
  • incoming governor: means the person who is the apparent successful candidate for the office of governor, as ascertained by the secretary of state following the general election for such office. See Kansas Statutes 75-132
  • Jurisdiction: (1) The legal authority of a court to hear and decide a case. Concurrent jurisdiction exists when two courts have simultaneous responsibility for the same case. (2) The geographic area over which the court has authority to decide cases.
  • Minority leader: See Floor Leaders
  • Oath: includes an affirmation in all cases where an affirmation may be substituted for an oath, and in similar cases "swear" includes affirm. See Kansas Statutes 77-201
  • Personal property: includes money, goods, chattels, evidences of debt and things in action, and digital assets as defined in the revised uniform fiduciary access to digital assets act, K. See Kansas Statutes 77-201
  • Precedent: A court decision in an earlier case with facts and law similar to a dispute currently before a court. Precedent will ordinarily govern the decision of a later similar case, unless a party can show that it was wrongly decided or that it differed in some significant way.
  • Probate: Proving a will
  • Property: includes personal and real property. See Kansas Statutes 77-201
  • Quorum: The number of legislators that must be present to do business.
  • Residence: means the place which is adopted by a person as the person's place of habitation and to which, whenever the person is absent, the person has the intention of returning. See Kansas Statutes 77-201
  • State: when applied to the different parts of the United States, includes the District of Columbia and the territories. See Kansas Statutes 77-201
  • Statute: A law passed by a legislature.
  • Testimony: Evidence presented orally by witnesses during trials or before grand juries.