Terms Used In Louisiana Revised Statutes 36:803

  • Agency: means and includes the boards, commissions, departments, agencies, offices, officers, and other instrumentalities, or any or all of these, within the executive branch of state government which are abolished by this Title or which are transferred and placed within departments of the state government created and established or continued by this Title or transferred to and placed within the office of the governor as provided by this Title. See Louisiana Revised Statutes 36:3
  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.
  • Secretary: means the officer appointed by the governor as the executive head and chief administrative officer of certain departments created and provided for by this Title. See Louisiana Revised Statutes 36:3
  • Undersecretary: means the officer designated to direct and be responsible for the functions of the office of management and finance of certain departments. See Louisiana Revised Statutes 36:3

            A.(1) The agencies transferred in accordance with this Section, all of which are charged by law with the responsibility for the regulation, examination, certification, and licensing of persons in this state, and the enforcement of the laws relating thereto, shall continue to be composed and selected as provided by law, and each shall continue to exercise all of the powers, duties, functions, and responsibilities provided or authorized for each by the constitution or laws which are in the nature of policymaking, rulemaking, certification, licensing, regulation, enforcement, or adjudication and also shall continue to exercise all advisory powers, duties, functions, and responsibilities provided by law.

            (2) In addition, each of those agencies shall continue to impose, collect, and retain license or certification fees as provided by law; issue and renew certificates for qualified applicants, set standards for and approve the preparation, conduct, and administration of its own examinations, and be responsible, as otherwise provided by law, for carrying out the laws relative to its profession or occupation to the extent that such laws provide for rulemaking, certification, licensing, regulations, testing, inspection, enforcement, and adjudication by the agency.

            (3) Each such agency shall be subject to budget review of the undersecretary and shall be required to comply with all accounting, reporting, audit, and review requirements which are applicable to budget units. The undersecretary of the department to which each such agency is transferred shall, under the supervision and control of the secretary, review procurement and contract management for the agency. In addition, the license fees and any other fees charged by such agencies shall be subject to review by the secretary, and the secretary may make recommendations to the legislature for changes in such fees as he deems necessary.

            (4) The secretary of the department to which each such agency is transferred shall review the number of employees which the agency may employ; however, the executive head of the agency shall employ, appoint, remove, assign, and promote such personnel, in accordance with applicable civil service laws, rules, and regulations and subject to other applicable laws.

            B. Each of the agencies referred to in Subsection A of this Section shall be required to comply with the provisions of the “Louisiana Licensing Agency Budget Act” as contained in La. Rev. Stat. 39:1331 through 1342.

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