Terms Used In Maine Revised Statutes Title 32 Sec. 9851

  • Ionizing radiation: means gamma rays and x rays; alpha and beta particles, high-speed electrons, neutrons, protons and other nuclear particles; but not ultrasound, sound or radio waves, magnetic fields or visible, infrared or ultraviolet light. See Maine Revised Statutes Title 32 Sec. 9852
The Legislature finds that the citizens of this State are entitled to the maximum protection practicable from the harmful effects of excessive and improper exposure to ionizing radiation; that the protection can be increased by requiring appropriate education and training of persons operating medical and dental equipment emitting ionizing radiation; and that it is therefore necessary to establish standards of education, training and experience for these operators, to provide for the appropriate examination and licensure and to emphasize the professional nature of the service.   [PL 1983, c. 524 (NEW).]

PL 1983, c. 524 (NEW).