Chapter 58 General Provisions Relative to Taxation
Chapter 58A Appellate Tax Board
Chapter 59 Assessment of Local Taxes
Chapter 60 Collection of Local Taxes
Chapter 60A Excise Tax On Registered Motor Vehicles in Lieu of Local Tax
Chapter 60B Excise On Boats, Ships and Vessels in Lieu of Local Property Tax
Chapter 61 Classification and Taxation of Forest Lands and Forest Products
Chapter 61A Assessment and Taxation of Agricultural and Horticultural Land
Chapter 61B Classification and Taxation of Recreational Land
Chapter 62 Taxation of Incomes
Chapter 62B Withholding of Taxes On Wages and Declaration of Estimated Income Tax
Chapter 62C Administrative Provisions Relative to State Taxation
Chapter 62D Set-Off Debt Collection
Chapter 62E Wage Reporting System
Chapter 62F Limitation On the Growth of State Tax Revenues
Chapter 63 Taxation of Corporations
Chapter 63A Taxation of Certain Corporations, Associations and Organizations Engaged in the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 63B Declaration of Estimated Tax by Corporations
Chapter 64A Taxation of Sales of Gasoline
Chapter 64C Cigarette Excise
Chapter 64D Excise On Deeds, Instruments and Writings
Chapter 64E Taxation of Special Fuels Used in the Propulsion of Motor Vehicles
Chapter 64F Taxation of Fuel and Special Fuels Acquired Outside and Used Within the Commonwealth
Chapter 64G Room Occupancy Excise
Chapter 64H Tax On Retail Sales of Certain Tangible Personal Property
Chapter 64I Tax On the Storage, Use or Other Consumption of Certain Tangible Personal Property
Chapter 64J Taxation of Fuels Used in the Propulsion of Aircraft
Chapter 64K Controlled Substances Tax
Chapter 64L Local Option Meals Excise
Chapter 64M Taxation of Direct Broadcast Satellite Service
Chapter 64N Marijuana Tax
Chapter 65 Taxation of Legacies and Successions
Chapter 65A Taxation of Transfers of Certain Estates
Chapter 65B Settlement of Disputes Respecting the Domicile of Decedents for Death Tax Purposes
Chapter 65C Massachusetts Estate Tax