§ 38.1301 Short title
§ 38.1302 Meanings of words and phrases
§ 38.1303 Definitions; A
§ 38.1303a “Compensation” explained
§ 38.1304 Definitions; C to M
§ 38.1305 Definitions; M, N
§ 38.1306 Definitions; O, P
§ 38.1307 Definitions; R
§ 38.1308 Definitions; S, T
§ 38.1309 Calculating member’s final average compensation; effective date of section

Terms Used In Michigan Laws > Chapter 38 > Act 300 of 1980 > Article 1

  • Boat: means a vessel. See Michigan Laws 324.80101
  • Boating safety certificate: means any of the following:

    (i) The document issued by the department under part 802 that certifies that the individual named in the document has successfully completed a boating safety course and passed an examination approved and administered as required under section 80212. See Michigan Laws 324.80101

  • citation: means a complaint or notice upon which a police officer shall record an occurrence involving 1 or more vehicle law violations by the person cited. See Michigan Laws 324.80130g
  • Department: means the department of state police. See Michigan Laws 324.80135
  • Department: means the director of the department of natural resources or his or her designee to whom the director delegates a power or duty by written instrument. See Michigan Laws 324.80208
  • in writing: shall be construed to include printing, engraving, and lithographing; except that if the written signature of a person is required by law, the signature shall be the proper handwriting of the person or, if the person is unable to write, the person's proper mark, which may be, unless otherwise expressly prohibited by law, a clear and classifiable fingerprint of the person made with ink or another substance. See Michigan Laws 324.51502
  • Methamphetamine-related offense: means 1 or more of the following offenses under Michigan law:

    (i) A violation or attempted violation of article 7 of the public health code, 1978 PA 368, MCL 333. See Michigan Laws 324.80135

  • Michigan vehicle code: means Act No. See Michigan Laws 324.80103
  • Motorboat: means a vessel propelled wholly or in part by machinery. See Michigan Laws 324.80103
  • NADDI: means the national association of drug diversion investigators. See Michigan Laws 324.80135
  • NPLEx: means the national precursor log exchange. See Michigan Laws 324.80135
  • Operate: means to be in control of a vessel while the vessel is under way and is not secured in some manner such as being docked or at anchor. See Michigan Laws 324.80103
  • Operator: means the person who is in control or in charge of a vessel while that vessel is underway. See Michigan Laws 324.80103
  • Owner: means a person who claims or is entitled to lawful possession of a vessel by virtue of that person's legal title or equitable interest in a vessel. See Michigan Laws 324.80103
  • Peace officer: means any of the following:

    (i) A sheriff. See Michigan Laws 324.80104

  • person: may extend and be applied to bodies politic and corporate, as well as to individuals. See Michigan Laws 324.30503
  • Person: means an individual, partnership, corporation, association, governmental entity, or other legal entity. See Michigan Laws 324.80208
  • state: when applied to the different parts of the United States, shall be construed to extend to and include the District of Columbia and the several territories belonging to the United States; and the words "United States" shall be construed to include the district and territories. See Michigan Laws 324.51501
  • United States: shall be construed to include the district and territories. See Michigan Laws 324.51501
  • Use: means operate, navigate, or employ. See Michigan Laws 324.80104
  • Vessel: means every description of watercraft used or capable of being used as a means of transportation on water. See Michigan Laws 324.80104
  • Waters of this state: means any waters within the territorial limits of this state, and includes those waters of the Great Lakes that are under the jurisdiction of this state. See Michigan Laws 324.80104