§ 253B.01 Citation
§ 253B.02 Definitions
§ 253B.03 Rights of Patients
§ 253B.04 Voluntary Treatment and Admission Procedures
§ 253B.045 Temporary Confinement
§ 253B.05 Emergency Admission
§ 253B.06 Initial Assessment
§ 253B.064 Court-ordered Early Intervention; Preliminary Procedures
§ 253B.065 Court-ordered Early Intervention; Hearing Procedures
§ 253B.066 Court-ordered Early Intervention; Decision; Treatment Alternatives; Duration
§ 253B.07 Judicial Commitment; Preliminary Procedures
§ 253B.08 Judicial Commitment; Hearing Procedures
§ 253B.09 Decision; Standard of Proof; Duration
§ 253B.092 Administration of Neuroleptic Medication
§ 253B.0921 Access to Medical Records
§ 253B.095 Release Before Commitment
§ 253B.097 Community-based Treatment
§ 253B.10 Procedures Upon Commitment
§ 253B.12 Treatment Report; Review; Hearing
§ 253B.13 Duration of Continued Commitment
§ 253B.14 Transfer of Committed Persons
§ 253B.141 Authority to Detain and Transport a Missing Patient
§ 253B.15 Provisional Discharge; Partial Institutionalization
§ 253B.16 Discharge of Committed Persons
§ 253B.17 Release; Judicial Determination
§ 253B.18 Persons Who Are Mentally Ill and Dangerous to the Public
§ 253B.19 Judicial Appeal Panel; Patients Who Are Mentally Ill and Dangerous to the Public
§ 253B.20 Discharge; Administrative Procedure
§ 253B.21 Commitment to An Agency of the United States
§ 253B.212 Commitment; Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians; White Earth Band of Ojibwe
§ 253B.22 Review Boards
§ 253B.23 General Provisions
§ 253B.24 Transmittal of Data to National Instant Criminal Background Check System