§ 553.01 Breach of Promise; Alienation of Affections; Criminal Conversation and Seduction; Declaration of Policy
§ 553.02 Civil Causes Abolished
§ 553.03 Breach of Contract to Marry Not Actionable

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  • Governing body: means the council, board of trustees, board of commissioners, board of supervisors, or other body, board, commission, or other authority charged with governing any municipality, and in municipalities in which the board of park commissioners or other body in charge of the park system of the municipality controls airports owned by the municipality includes such board or other body. See Minnesota Statutes 360.013
  • Municipality: means a city of any class, including a city organized under a charter framed pursuant to the Constitution of the state of Minnesota, article 4, section 36, article XI, section 4, or article XII, section 5, a county, a town, or a statutory city in this state, the regents of the University of Minnesota, and any other political subdivision, public corporation, authority, or district in this state which is or may be authorized by law to acquire, establish, construct, maintain, improve, and operate airports and other air navigation facilities. See Minnesota Statutes 360.013
  • state: extends to and includes the District of Columbia and the several territories. See Minnesota Statutes 645.44
  • Tax: means any fee, charge, exaction, or assessment imposed by a governmental entity on an individual, person, entity, transaction, good, service, or other thing. See Minnesota Statutes 645.44
  • this state: means the state of Minnesota. See Minnesota Statutes 360.013