2-15-1701. Department of labor and industry — head. (1) There is a department of labor and industry. As prescribed in Article XII, section 2, of the Montana constitution, the department head is the commissioner of labor and industry.

Terms Used In Montana Code 2-15-1701

  • Department: means a principal functional and administrative entity that:

    (a) is created by this chapter within the executive branch of state government;

    (b) is one of the 20 principal departments permitted under the constitution; and

    (c) includes its units. See Montana Code 2-15-102

  • Department head: means a director, commission, board, commissioner, or constitutional officer in charge of a department created by this chapter. See Montana Code 2-15-102

(2) The commissioner must be appointed and serve as provided in 2-15-111.

(3) The commissioner must receive an annual salary in an amount equal to other department directors.

(4) Before entering on the duties of the office, the commissioner shall take and subscribe to the oath of office prescribed by the Montana constitution.