162-32 Bond of prisoner committed on capias in civil action
162-33 Prisoner may furnish necessaries
162-34 United States prisoners
162-35 Arrest of escaped persons from penal institutions
162-36 Transfer of prisoners to succeeding sheriff
162-38 Where jail unfit or insecure, courts may commit to jail of adjoining county
162-39 Transfer of prisoners when necessary for safety and security; application of section to municipalities
162-40 When jail destroyed, transfer of prisoners provided for
162-40.1 Reimbursement for transfer of prisoners
162-50 Penalties
162-55 Injury to prisoner by jailer
162-56 Place of confinement
162-57 Record to be kept; items of record
162-58 Counties may work prisoners
162-59 Person having custody to approve prisoners for work
162-59.1 Person having custody to approve prisoners for participation in education and other programs
162-60 Reduction in sentence allowed for work, education, and other programs
162-61 Liability of county
162-62 Legal status of prisoners