90-1 North Carolina Medical Society incorporated
90-1.1 Definitions
90-2 Medical Board
90-3 Review Panel recommends certain Board members; criteria for recommendations
90-4 Board elects officers; quorum
90-5 Meetings of Board
90-5.1 Powers and duties of the Board
90-5.2 Board to collect and publish certain data
90-5.3 Reporting and publication of medical judgments, awards, payments, and settlements
90-7 Bond of secretary
90-8 Officers may administer oaths, and subpoena witnesses, records and other materials
90-8.1 Rules governing applicants for licensure
90-8.2 Appointment of subcommittees
90-9.1 Requirements for licensure as a physician under this Article
90-9.2 Requirements for graduates of foreign medical schools
90-9.3 Requirements for licensure as a physician assistant
90-9.4 Requirements for licensure as an anesthesiologist assistant
90-10.1 Examinations accepted by the Board
90-11 Criminal background checks
90-12.01 Limited license to practice in a medical education and training program
90-12.1A Limited volunteer license
90-12.1B Retired limited volunteer license
90-12.2A Special purpose license
90-12.3 Medical school faculty license
90-12.4 Physician assistant limited volunteer license
90-12.4B Physician Assistant retired limited volunteer license
90-12.5 Disasters and emergencies
90-12.7 Treatment of overdose with opioid antagonist; immunity
90-13.1 License fees
90-13.2 Registration every year with Board
90-13.3 Salaries, fees, expenses of the Board
90-14 Disciplinary Authority
90-14.1 Judicial review of Board’s decision denying issuance of a license
90-14.2 Hearing before disciplinary action
90-14.3 Service of notices
90-14.5 Use of hearing committee and depositions; appointment of hearing officers
90-14.6 Evidence admissible
90-14.7 Procedure where person fails to request or appear for hearing
90-14.8 Appeal from Board’s decision taking disciplinary action on a license
90-14.9 Appeal bond; stay of Board order
90-14.10 Scope of review
90-14.11 Appeal; appeal bond
90-14.12 Injunctions
90-14.13 Reports of disciplinary action by health care institutions; reports of professional liability insurance awards or settlements; immunity from liability
90-16 Self-reporting requirements; confidentiality of Board investigative information; cooperation with law enforcement; patient protection; Board to keep public records
90-18 Practicing without license; penalties
90-18.1 Limitations on physician assistants
90-18.2 Limitations on nurse practitioners
90-18.2A Physician assistants receiving, prescribing, or dispensing prescription drugs without charge or fee
90-18.3 Physical examination by nurse practitioners and physician assistants
90-18.4 Limitations on clinical pharmacist practitioners
90-18.5 Limitations on anesthesiologist assistants
90-18.6 Requirements for certain nicotine replacement therapy programs
90-18.7 Coordination of rules on pathological materials

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