98-1 Copy of destroyed record as evidence; may be recorded
98-2 Originals may be again recorded
98-3 Establishing boundaries and interest, where conveyance and copy lost
98-4 Copy of lost will may be probated
98-5 Copy of lost will as evidence; letters to issue
98-6 Establishing contents of will, where original and copy destroyed
98-7 Perpetuating destroyed judgments and proceedings
98-8 Color of title under destroyed instrument
98-9 Action on destroyed bond
98-10 Destroyed witness tickets; duplicates may be filed
98-11 Replacing lost official conveyances
98-12 Court records as proof of destroyed instruments set out therein
98-13 Copies contained in court records may be recorded
98-14 Rules for petitions and motions
98-15 Records allowed under this Chapter to have effect of original records
98-16 Destroyed court records proved prima facie by recitals in conveyances executed before their destruction
98-17 Conveyances reciting court records prima facie evidence thereof
98-18 Court records and conveyances to which Chapter extends