Any local government or special district ordinance or regulation now in effect or subsequently adopted that makes a shooting range a nuisance or trespass or provides for its abatement as a nuisance or trespass is invalid with respect to a shooting range for which no action or claim is allowed under ORS 467.131 and 467.133. [1996 c.8 § 10 (enacted in lieu of 467.135)]

Terms Used In Oregon Statutes 467.136

  • local government: means all cities, counties and local service districts located in this state, and all administrative subdivisions of those cities, counties and local service districts. See Oregon Statutes 174.116


See note under 467.131.


[1995 s.s. c.3 § 40e; repealed by 1996 c.8 § 11 (467.138 enacted in lieu of 467.137)]