Additionally, the department, in carrying out its responsibilities under this chapter, and if funds are available and received from the Osteoporosis Education Fund, may:

(1) employ qualified staff to implement the Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment Education Program established by Section 44-125-30;

(2) provide appropriate training for staff of the Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment Education Program;

(3) work to improve the capacity of community-based services available to osteoporosis patients;

(4) work with other state and local governmental offices, community and business leaders, community organizations, health care and human service providers, and national osteoporosis organizations to coordinate efforts and maximize state resources in the areas of education, prevention, and treatment of osteoporosis;

(5) identify and, when appropriate, replicate or use successful osteoporosis programs and procure related materials and services from organizations with appropriate expertise and knowledge of osteoporosis.