Chapter 2 General Provisions
Chapter 3 South Carolina Tax Realignment Commission
Chapter 4 The South Carolina Department of Revenue
Chapter 6 South Carolina Income Tax Act
Chapter 8 Income Tax Withholding
Chapter 10 Enterprise Zone Act of 1995
Chapter 11 Income Tax On Banks
Chapter 13 Income Tax On Building and Loan Associations
Chapter 14 Economic Impact Zone Community Development Act of 1995
Chapter 15 South Carolina Life Sciences Act
Chapter 16 Estate Tax
Chapter 20 Corporation License Fees
Chapter 21 Stamp and Business License Tax
Chapter 22 Coin-Operated Machines and Other Devices
Chapter 23 License Taxes On Other Businesses
Chapter 24 Deed Recording Fee
Chapter 28 Motor Fuels Subject to User Fees
Chapter 33 Alcoholic Beverages Taxes
Chapter 35 The Simplified Sales and Use Tax Administration Act
Chapter 36 South Carolina Sales and Use Tax Act
Chapter 37 Assessment of Property Taxes
Chapter 39 County Auditors
Chapter 43 County Equalization and Reassessment
Chapter 44 Fee in Lieu of Tax Simplification Act
Chapter 45 County Treasurers and Collection of Taxes
Chapter 49 Enforced Collection of Taxes Generally
Chapter 51 Alternate Procedure for Collection of Property Taxes
Chapter 53 Tax Collection by Department of Revenue
Chapter 54 Uniform Method of Collection and Enforcement of Taxes Levied and Assessed by South Carolina Department of Revenue
Chapter 55 Overdue Tax Debt Collection Act
Chapter 56 Setoff Debt Collection Act
Chapter 57 Uniform Federal Tax Lien Registration Act
Chapter 58 South Carolina Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights
Chapter 59 Forfeited Lands
Chapter 60 South Carolina Revenue Procedures Act
Chapter 61 Suits to Clear Tax Titles
Chapter 62 South Carolina Motion Picture Incentive Act
Chapter 63 Energy Freedom and Rural Development Act
Chapter 65 South Carolina Textiles Communities Revitalization Act
Chapter 67 South Carolina Abandoned Buildings Revitalization Act
Chapter 69 Motorsports Entertainment Complex Investment