Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 3 Boundaries of Existing Counties
Chapter 5 Change of Boundaries
Chapter 7 Creation of New Counties and Consolidation of Counties
Chapter 8 Consolidation of Political Subdivisions
Chapter 9 County Government
Chapter 10 Local Sales and Use Tax
Chapter 11 County Officers
Chapter 12 Fee in Lieu of Property Taxes
Chapter 13 Claims Against Counties
Chapter 15 County Bonds
Chapter 17 Buildings and Lands Generally
Chapter 18 Regulation of Wreckers At Scenes of Accidents
Chapter 19 Fire Protection Services
Chapter 20 Community Recreation Special Tax District
Chapter 21 Fire Protection and Ambulance Services; Medical Clinic Facilities
Chapter 23 Joint County Fire Districts
Chapter 25 Regulation of Building Construction
Chapter 29 Industrial Development Projects
Chapter 31 Joint County Economic Opportunity Commissions
Chapter 33 County Fairs
Chapter 35 County Public Works Improvement Act
Chapter 37 Optional Methods for Financing Transportation Facilities