§ 22-35-5 Entering or remaining in building–Misdemeanor
§ 22-35-6 Entering or refusing to leave property after notice–Misdemeanor
§ 22-35-7 Affirmative defenses to unlawful occupancy

Terms Used In South Dakota Codified Laws > Title 22 > Chapter 35

  • Affirmative defense: an issue involving an alleged defense to which, unless the state's evidence raises the issue, the defendant, to raise the issue, must present some credible evidence. See South Dakota Codified Laws 22-1-2
  • Person: any natural person, unborn child, association, limited liability company, corporation, firm, organization, partnership, or society. See South Dakota Codified Laws 22-1-2
  • Structure: any house, building, outbuilding, motor vehicle, watercraft, aircraft, railroad car, trailer, tent, or other edifice, vehicle or shelter, or any portion thereof. See South Dakota Codified Laws 22-1-2