§ 23A-35-1 Definition of search warrant
§ 23A-35-2 (Rule 41(a)) Magistrate issuing warrant–Officer requesting
§ 23A-35-3 (Rule 41(b)) Property for which warrant may be issued
§ 23A-35-4 (Rule 41(c)(1)) Affidavits furnishing probable cause for warrant–Examination ofwitnesses by magistrate–Record of proceedings–Contents of warrant
§ 23A-35-4.1 Filing of affidavit–Sealing of affidavit
§ 23A-35-4.2 Electronic transmission of affidavit in support of search warrant–Issue of searchwarrant–Proof of magistrate’s signature
§ 23A-35-4.3 Search warrant for installation, use, and maintenance of tracking devices
§ 23A-35-5 (Rule 41(c)(2)) Oral testimony as basis for warrant–Transcription, certification andfiling with court
§ 23A-35-6 (Rule 41(c)(2)(A)) Grounds for warrant on oral testimony–Verbatim contents ofwarrant–Signature of duplicate by requesting officer–Preparation of original bymagistrate
§ 23A-35-7 (Rule 41(c)(2)(B)) Return of warrant issued on oral testimony–Signature by personestablishing grounds for issuance
§ 23A-35-8 Breaking in to execute warrant after refusal of admittance–Liberation of personexecuting warrant
§ 23A-35-9 Grounds for no-knock warrant–Powers of officer executing
§ 23A-35-10 (Rule 41(d)) Receipt and copy of warrant given to person from whom property taken–Inventory filed with return of warrant–Copies of inventory
§ 23A-35-11 (Rule 41(e)) Motion in circuit court for return of property illegally seized–Restoration of property–Treatment as motion to suppress evidence
§ 23A-35-12 (Rule 41(f)) Motion to suppress evidence in trial court
§ 23A-35-13 (Rule 41(g)) Papers filed with clerk of court by magistrate to whom warrant returned
§ 23A-35-14 (Rule 41(h)) Special provisions for search unimpaired–Property defined