Chapter 1 Definitions and General Provisions 27A-1-1 – 27A-1-19
Chapter 3 State Mental Health Programs 27A-3-1 – 27A-3-8
Chapter 4 South Dakota Human Services Center 27A-4-1 – 27A-4-22
Chapter 5 Local Mental Health Centers and Community Support Providers 27A-5-1 – 27A-5-18
Chapter 6 Interstate Cooperation in Mental Health Services 27A-6-1 – 27A-6-4
Chapter 7 County Boards of Mental Illness 27A-7-1 – 27A-7-11
Chapter 8 Voluntary Hospitalization of Patients With Mental Illness 27A-8-1.1
Chapter 10 Emergency Commitment 27A-10-1 – 27A-10-24
Chapter 11A Hearings Procedure 27A-11A-1 – 27A-11A-28
Chapter 12 Care, Treatment, and Rights of Patients With Mental Illness 27A-12-1 – 27A-12-34
Chapter 13 Costs of Care and Treatment in State Facilities 27A-13-2 – 27A-13-34
Chapter 14 Discharge of Patients 27A-14-1 – 27A-14-14
Chapter 15 Treatment of Minors 27A-15-1 – 27A-15-59