Terms Used In Tennessee Code 63-26-118

  • Commissioner: means the commissioner of health and includes designees of the commissioner of health. See Tennessee Code 63-26-102
  • Electrologist: means any person practicing electrolysis for the permanent removal of hair. See Tennessee Code 63-26-102
  • Electrology: means the art and practice relating to the removal of hair from the normal skin of the human body by application of an electric current to the hair papilla by means of a needle or needles so as to cause growth inactivity of the hair papilla and thus permanently remove the hair. See Tennessee Code 63-26-102
  • School: means an electrology school teaching the art of electrology. See Tennessee Code 63-26-102
  1. The commissioner shall issue a license to an applicant meeting the requirements of this chapter for the license designation as an electrologist, or an electrology instructor, or an approved school teaching electrology.
  2. All licenses issued by the commissioner must be conspicuously displayed at the site of use.
  3. All licensees shall keep the commissioner informed of any changes of address.