• (a) Within seven (7) days of issuing an order of quarantine, the law enforcement agency that issued the order shall transmit to the commissioner at least the following information regarding the site:

    • Terms Used In Tennessee Code 68-212-509

      (1) The date of the quarantine order;

    • (2) The county;

    • (3) The address;

    • (4) The name of the owner of the site; and

    • (5) A brief description of the site, such as single family home, apartment, motel, wooded area, etc.

  • (b) The department of environment and conservation shall maintain a registry of all properties reported by a law enforcement agency that have been under order of quarantine for at least sixty (60) days. The registry shall be available for public inspection at the department and shall be posted on its web site. Listed properties shall be removed from the registry when a law enforcement agency reports that the quarantine has been lifted in accordance with this part.