Chapter 1 Motor Vehicle Title and Registration Law–Definitions
Chapter 2 Administration By Department Of Revenue
Chapter 3 Certificates of Title
Chapter 4 Registration and Licensing of Motor Vehicles
Chapter 5 Anti-Theft Provisions
Chapter 6 Fees and Duties of Officers under Title and Registration Law – Disposition of Funds
Chapter 7 Size, Weight and Load
Chapter 8 Operation of Vehicles–Rules of the Road
Chapter 9 Equipment–Lighting Regulations
Chapter 10 Accidents, Arrests, Crimes and Penalties
Chapter 11 Size, Weight And Load
Chapter 12 Financial Responsibility Law
Chapter 13 Financing Sale of Motor Vehicles
Chapter 14 Dealers in Secondhand Automobile Tires and Accessories
Chapter 15 Sale of Motor Fuel Regulated
Chapter 16 Unclaimed or Abandoned Vehicles
Chapter 17 Vehicle Licenses
Chapter 18 Automobile Clubs and Associations
Chapter 19 Commercial Driver Training Schools
Chapter 20 Highway Safety
Chapter 21 Disabled Drivers and Passengers
Chapter 22 Automobile Race Tracks and Drag Strips
Chapter 23 Motor Vehicle Storage Act
Chapter 24 Motor Vehicle Warranties
Chapter 25 Uniform Motor Vehicle Records Disclosure Act
Chapter 26 Pedal Carriages and Rickshaws
Chapter 27 Funds held in Trust by Dealers, Distributors and Manufacturers
Chapters 28-49 [Reserved]
Chapter 50 Uniform Classified and Commercial Driver License Act
Chapter 51 Motorcycle Rider Education and Safety
Chapter 52 Safety of Children
Chapter 53 Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices