17-52a-501.  Election on recommended optional plan.

(1)  If the county attorney finds under Section 17-52a-406 that a proposed optional plan does not violate a statutory or constitutional provision, a county shall hold an election on the optional plan at the next regular general election that is not less than 65 days after the day on which the county attorney submits to the county clerk the attorney’s report described in Section 17-52a-406.

Terms Used In Utah Code 17-52a-501

  • County: means a unit of local government that is a body corporate and politic and a legal subdivision of the state, with geographic boundaries as described in Section 17-50-104, and powers as provided in Part 3, County Powers. See Utah Code 17-50-101
  • Optional plan: means a plan establishing an alternate form of government for a county as provided in Section 17-52a-404. See Utah Code 17-52a-102
  • Study committee: means the committee that has five members appointed and charged with the duties as provided in Section 17-52a-403. See Utah Code 17-52a-102
(2)  The county clerk shall prepare the ballot for an election under this section so that the question on the ballot states substantially the following:
     “Shall ___________________ County adopt the alternate form of government known as the (insert the proposed form of government) as recommended in the proposed optional plan?”

(3)  The county clerk shall:

(a)  publish the complete text of the proposed optional plan in a newspaper of general circulation within the county at least once during two different calendar weeks within the 30-day period immediately before the date of the election described in Subsection (1);

(b)  post the complete text of the proposed optional plan in a conspicuous place on the county’s website during the 45-day period that immediately precedes the election on the optional plan; and

(c)  make a complete copy of the optional plan and the study committee report available free of charge to any member of the public who requests a copy.

(4)  A county clerk shall declare an optional plan as adopted by the voters if a majority of voters voting on the optional plan vote in favor of the optional plan.

Amended by Chapter 47, 2020 General Session