Chapter 1 Department of Administrative Services 63A-1-101 – 63A-1-117
Chapter 2 Division of Purchasing and General Services 63A-2-101 – 63A-2-411
Chapter 3 Division of Finance 63A-3-101 – 63A-3-507
Chapter 4 Risk Management 63A-4-101 – 63A-4-207
Chapter 5 State Building Board – Division of Facilities Construction and Management 63A-5-100 – 63A-5-801
Chapter 9 Division of Fleet Operations and Administration of State Motor Vehicles 63A-9-101 – 63A-9-702
Chapter 11 Child Welfare Parental Defense Program 63A-11-101 – 63A-11-204
Chapter 12 Public Records Management Act 63A-12-100 – 63A-12-111
Chapter 13 Office of Inspector General of Medicaid Services 63A-13-101 – 63A-13-602
Chapter 14 Review of Executive Branch Ethics Complaints 63A-14-101 – 63A-14-708
Chapter 15 Political Subdivisions Ethics Review Commission 63A-15-101 – 63A-15-706