A. Any manufacturer‘s exclusion or limitation of the implied warranties or consumer remedies prescribed by this chapter shall be deemed void.

Terms Used In Virginia Code 59.1-474

  • Consumer: means :

    1. See Virginia Code 59.1-470

  • device: means any new device, including a demonstrator, that a consumer purchases or accepts transfer of in this Commonwealth which is used for a major life activity or any other assistive device that enables a person with a disability to communicate, see, hear, or maneuver. See Virginia Code 59.1-470
  • Manufacturer: means a person or company that manufactures or assembles assistive devices and agents of that person or company, including an authorized dealer, an importer, a distributor, factory branch, distributor branch and any warrantors of the manufacturer's assistive device, but does not include a professional who fabricates, without charge, a device for use in the course of treatment. See Virginia Code 59.1-470

B. Any purported waiver of rights to legal action or arbitration by a consumer within an assistive device purchase agreement shall be deemed void.

1998, cc. 67, 242.