An action for the recovery of money may be commenced and prosecuted against a foreign corporation although such corporation may have ceased to act as a corporation in the same manner as though it had not so ceased to act; and the judgment may be enforced against property in this state which such corporation has any interest in or would have an interest in had the same not ceased to act as aforesaid, whether held or controlled by it or by a trustee, assignee, agent or other person for the use and benefit in whole or in part of such corporation or the creditors thereof or both.
226.12 Annotation Since a corporation’s existence and capacity to be sued is governed by the state of incorporation or where it is certified to do business, this section cannot apply when a corporation has not been certified to do business in Wisconsin and has no assets here. Bazan v. Kux Machine Co. 52 Wis. 2d 325, 190 N.W.2d 521 (1971).