Law Offices Gary Oberst, PC

Law Offices Gary Oberst, PC
Practice Area:
Family-focused divorce. Non-combative processes for successful divorces.

High-confict or Amicable; High-net worth and high-value assets; Uncontested Divorce, Mediation, Amicable Divorce Cooperative Divorce and Collaborative Divorce, with a mediator or with an attorney. Our processes all lead towards shorter, less combative outcomes and more assets available for the family’s use when the divorce is over. We take a mature approach to divorce. We believe that if you did not have a good marriage, you can still have a good divorce. It’s never easy to go through a divorce or fight for custody of children. With all the legal proceedings before you, you may feel overwhelmed, too. This is where the attorney services of Law Offices Gary Oberst, PC will help you. Our focus is on life after divorce.

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