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Lawyers Who Fight Smart For You

Maderal Byrne PLLC is a trial firm whose lawyers have represented clients all over the United States and beyond. We handle personal injury, product liability, fraud, and all forms of complex cases and investigations on behalf of families, individuals, and organizations that have been wronged.

Whether you have been injured in a car accident, by an unsafe and defective drug, are the victim of a fraud, or are the subject of a government investigation or prosecution, we listen, we explain, and we get to work fighting for you.

Our lawyers have represented hundreds of clients around the world who have been injured, lost loved ones, or been defrauded. We have fought for individuals against the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world that have injured them with unsafe products.

We have successfully chased stolen money across continents. We have represented individuals and organizations in federal criminal investigations and prosecutions.

We help clients.

Founding partners Frank Maderal and John Byrne are former federal prosecutors, who have led billion-dollar litigations and achieved groundbreaking and record-setting results in court and for their clients. Our achievements have been featured in newspapers, documentaries, and at least one book.

We founded Maderal Byrne PLLC to focus on what drives us: The belief that families, individuals, and organizations fighting for justice deserve the same caliber lawyers as big corporations and governments.

We have tried dozens of jury trials, argued before federal courts of appeals, and been appointed to important leadership positions by federal judges in massive litigations.

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