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Your choice for probate and estate planning.

It is best to use a specialist to draft your estate plan or if you need assistance with probate or estate administration. Every individual case has unique considerations and solutions, which is why you need the full range of estate and probate law expertise in reviewing your case. Call Shea & Shea for carefully tailored estate plans, difficult probate disputes, and estate administration issues such as real estate or house contents disposition. Large international estates and small estates each have their own issues, so you absolutely need thoughtful, tax efficient and effective documents. Shea& Shea is your best choice for trusts, living trust, wills, power of attorney, HIPAA, Health Care Proxy and the like. Will and trust defense and disinherited heirs present special problems that Shea & Shea can help you solve and take decisive action. There are many tools available to help you and your family.

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