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Louisiana Laws > Revised Statutes > Title 37 > Chapter 8 - Professional Engineering and Professional Surveying

§ 37:681General provisions
§ 37:682Definitions
§ 37:683Board; appointments; terms
§ 37:684Qualification of board members
§ 37:685Compensation and expenses
§ 37:686Removal of members for cause
§ 37:687Organization and meetings
§ 37:688Powers of the board
§ 37:689Firms
§ 37:690Receipts and disbursements
§ 37:691Records and reports
§ 37:692Roster
§ 37:693Requirements for licensure as a professional engineer or professional land surveyor, and certification as an engineer intern or land surveyor intern
§ 37:694Application for licensure or certification; fees
§ 37:695Examinations
§ 37:696Certificates and licenses; seals and stamps
§ 37:697Expiration and renewals
§ 37:697.1Continuing professional development for professional engineers and land surveyors
§ 37:698Disciplinary proceedings against licensees and certificate holders; procedure
§ 37:700Enforcement proceedings against other persons; procedure
§ 37:701Public and private work; application of provisions
§ 37:702Saving clause
§ 37:703Transitional provisions
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