Associated equipment as used in this part, means the following equipment as shipped, transferred, or sold from the place of manufacture and includes all attached parts and accessories:

(1) An inboard engine.

(2) An outboard engine.

(3) A stern drive unit.

(4) An inflatable personal flotation device approved under 46 CFR 160.076.

Boat means any vessel–

(1) Manufactured or used primarily for noncommercial use;

(2) Leased, rented, or chartered to another for the latter’s noncommercial use; or

(3) Operated as an uninspected passenger vessel subject to the requirements of 46 CFR chapter I, subchapter C.

Manufacturer means any person engaged in–

(1) The manufacture, construction, or assembly of boats or associated equipment;

(2) The manufacture or construction of components for boats and associated equipment to be sold for subsequent assembly; or

(3) The importation into the United States for sale of boats, associated equipment, or components thereof.

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