§ 80.01 Purpose
§ 80.10 Applicability
§ 80.15 Ocean voyage
§ 80.20 Exception to requirements
§ 80.25 Notification of safety standards
§ 80.30 Promotional literature or advertising
§ 80.40 Civil penalty

Terms Used In 46 CFR Part 80 - Disclosure of Safety Standards and Country of Registry

  • Data: means facts and statistics, measurements, or samples that have not been analyzed, processed, or interpreted. See 30 CFR 250.105
  • Discovery: Lawyers' examination, before trial, of facts and documents in possession of the opponents to help the lawyers prepare for trial.
  • District Manager: means the BSEE officer with authority and responsibility for operations or other designated program functions for a district within a BSEE Region. See 30 CFR 250.105
  • Production: means those activities that take place after the successful completion of any means for the removal of minerals, including such removal, field operations, transfer of minerals to shore, operation monitoring, maintenance, and workover operations. See 30 CFR 250.105
  • You: means a lessee, the owner or holder of operating rights, a designated operator or agent of the lessee(s), a pipeline right-of-way holder, or a State lessee granted a right-of-use and easement. See 30 CFR 250.105