§ 3.82 Feeding
§ 3.83 Watering
§ 3.84 Cleaning, sanitization, housekeeping, and pest control
§ 3.85 Employees

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  • Casual use: means activities ordinarily resulting in no or negligible disturbance of the public lands or resources. See 43 CFR 3809.5
  • Exploration: means creating surface disturbance greater than casual use that includes sampling, drilling, or developing surface or underground workings to evaluate the type, extent, quantity, or quality of mineral values present. See 43 CFR 3809.5
  • Mining claim: means any unpatented mining claim, millsite, or tunnel site located under the mining laws. See 43 CFR 3809.5
  • Mining laws: means the Lode Law of July 26, 1866, as amended (14 Stat. See 43 CFR 3809.5
  • Operations: means all functions, work, facilities, and activities on public lands in connection with prospecting, exploration, discovery and assessment work, development, extraction, and processing of mineral deposits locatable under the mining laws. See 43 CFR 3809.5
  • Operator: means a person conducting or proposing to conduct operations. See 43 CFR 3809.5
  • Person: means any individual, firm, corporation, association, partnership, trust, consortium, joint venture, or any other entity conducting operations on public lands. See 43 CFR 3809.5
  • Project area: means the area of land upon which the operator conducts operations, including the area required for construction or maintenance of roads, transmission lines, pipelines, or other means of access by the operator. See 43 CFR 3809.5
  • Reclamation: means taking measures required by this subpart following disturbance of public lands caused by operations to meet applicable performance standards and achieve conditions required by BLM at the conclusion of operations. See 43 CFR 3809.5