(a) In general

The Administrator may guarantee the timely payment of principal and interest, as scheduled, on debentures issued by any Renewable Fuel Capital Investment company.

(b) Terms and conditions

Terms Used In 15 USC 690d

  • Administrator: means the Administrator of the Small Business Administration. See

The Administrator may make guarantees under this section on such terms and conditions as it determines appropriate, except that–

(1) the term of any debenture guaranteed under this section shall not exceed 15 years; and

(2) a debenture guaranteed under this section–

(A) shall carry no front-end or annual fees;

(B) shall be issued at a discount;

(C) shall require no interest payments during the 5-year period beginning on the date the debenture is issued;

(D) shall be prepayable without penalty after the end of the 1-year period beginning on the date the debenture is issued; and

(E) shall require semiannual interest payments after the period described in subparagraph (C).

(c) Full faith and credit of the United States

The full faith and credit of the United States is pledged to pay all amounts that may be required to be paid under any guarantee under this part.

(d) Maximum guarantee

(1) In general

Under this section, the Administrator may guarantee the debentures issued by a Renewable Fuel Capital Investment company only to the extent that the total face amount of outstanding guaranteed debentures of such company does not exceed 150 percent of the private capital of the company, as determined by the Administrator.

(2) Treatment of certain Federal funds

For the purposes of paragraph (1), private capital shall include capital that is considered to be Federal funds, if such capital is contributed by an investor other than a department or agency of the Federal Government.