The purposes of this chapter are—

(1) to stabilize and transition payments to counties to provide funding for schools and roads that supplements other available funds;

(2) to make additional investments in, and create additional employment opportunities through, projects that—

(A)(i) improve the maintenance of existing infrastructure;

(ii) implement stewardship objectives that enhance forest ecosystems; and

(iii) restore and improve land health and water quality;

(B) enjoy broad-based support; and

(C) have objectives that may include—

(i) road, trail, and infrastructure maintenance or obliteration;

(ii) soil productivity improvement;

(iii) improvements in forest ecosystem health;

(iv) watershed restoration and maintenance;

(v) the restoration, maintenance, and improvement of wildlife and fish habitat;

(vi) the control of noxious and exotic weeds; and

(vii) the reestablishment of native species; and

(3) to improve cooperative relationships among—

(A) the people that use and care for Federal land; and

(B) the agencies that manage the Federal land.