(a) Requirements for qualifying projects

With respect to each qualifying project, the Secretary shall require–

(1) for each project manager, that–

(A) the project manager have formal project management training and certification; and

(B) the project manager be assigned from among personnel certified by the Chief of Engineers; and

(2) for an applicable cost estimation, that–

(A) the Secretary utilize a risk-based cost estimate with a confidence level of at least 80 percent; and

(B) the cost estimate be developed–

(i) for a qualifying project that requires an increase in the authorized amount in accordance with section 2280 of this title, during the preparation of a post-authorization change report or other similar decision document;

(ii) for a qualifying project for which the first construction contract has not been awarded, prior to the award of the first construction contract;

(iii) for a qualifying project without a completed feasibility report in accordance with section 2282 of this title, prior to the completion of such a report; and

(iv) for a qualifying project with a completed feasibility report in accordance with section 2282 of this title that has not yet been authorized, during design for the qualifying project.

(b) Additional project delivery process reforms

Terms Used In 33 USC 2252

  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.

Not later than 18 months after June 10, 2014, the Secretary shall–

(1) establish a system to identify and apply on a continuing basis best management practices from prior or ongoing qualifying projects to improve the likelihood of on-time and on-budget completion of qualifying projects;

(2) evaluate early contractor involvement acquisition procedures to improve on-time and on-budget project delivery performance; and

(3) implement any additional measures that the Secretary determines will achieve the purposes of this subtitle, including–

(A) the implementation of applicable practices and procedures developed pursuant to management by the Secretary of an applicable military construction program;

(B) the development and use of a portfolio of standard designs for inland navigation locks, incorporating the use of a center of expertise for the design and review of qualifying projects;

(C) the use of full-funding contracts or formulation of a revised continuing contracts clause; and

(D) the establishment of procedures for recommending new project construction starts using a capital projects business model.

(c) Pilot projects

(1) In general

Subject to paragraph (2), the Secretary may carry out pilot projects to evaluate processes and procedures for the study, design, and construction of qualifying projects.

(2) Inclusions

At a minimum, the Secretary shall carry out pilot projects under this subsection to evaluate–

(A) early contractor involvement in the development of features and components;

(B) an appropriate use of continuing contracts for the construction of features and components; and

(C) applicable principles, procedures, and processes used for military construction projects.