Chapter 1 Navigable Waters Generally
Chapter 3 Navigation Rules for Harbors, Rivers, and Inland Waters Generally
Chapter 7 Regulations for the Suppression of Piracy
Chapter 8 Summary Trials for Certain Offenses Against Navigation Laws
Chapter 9 Protection of Navigable Waters and of Harbor and River Improvements Generally
Chapter 10 Anchorage Grounds and Harbor Regulations Generally
Chapter 11 Bridges Over Navigable Waters
Chapter 12 River and Harbor Improvements Generally
Chapter 13 Mississippi River Commission
Chapter 14 California Debris Commission
Chapter 15 Flood Control
Chapter 16 Lighthouses
Chapter 17 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Chapter 18 Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation
Chapter 19 Saint Lawrence Seaway
Chapter 22 Sea Grant Colleges and Marine Science Development
Chapter 24 Vessel Bridge-to-Bridge Communication
Chapter 26 Water Pollution Prevention and Control
Chapter 27 Ocean Dumping
Chapter 28 Pollution Casualties On the High Seas: United States Intervention
Chapter 29 Deepwater Ports
Chapter 30 International Regulations for Preventing Collisions At Sea
Chapter 32 Inland Waterways Trust Fund
Chapter 33 Prevention of Pollution From Ships
Chapter 33A Marine Debris Research, Prevention, and Reduction
Chapter 34 Inland Navigational Rules
Chapter 35 Artificial Reefs
Chapter 36 Water Resources Development
Chapter 38 Dumping of Medical Waste by Public Vessels
Chapter 39 Shore Protection From Municipal or Commercial Waste
Chapter 40 Oil Pollution
Chapter 41 National Coastal Monitoring
Chapter 42 Estuary Restoration
Chapter 43 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Officer Corps
Chapter 44 Oceans and Human Health
Chapter 45 Tsunami Warning and Education
Chapter 46 National Levee Safety Program
Chapter 47 Ocean Exploration
Chapter 48 Ocean and Coastal Mapping Integration
Chapter 49 Integrated Coastal and Ocean Observation System
Chapter 50 Federal Ocean Acidification Research and Monitoring
Chapter 51 Clean Hulls
Chapter 52 Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation
Chapter 53 Harmful Algal Bloom and Hypoxia Research and Control
Chapter 54 Commercial Engagement Through Ocean Technology
Chapter 55 Save Our Seas 2.0