(a) Definitions.–In this section–

Terms Used In 49 USC 30125

  • vehicle: includes every description of carriage or other artificial contrivance used, or capable of being used, as a means of transportation on land. See

(1) “schoolbus” means a passenger motor vehicle designed to carry a driver and more than 10 passengers, that the Secretary of Transportation decides is likely to be used significantly to transport preprimary, primary, and secondary school students to or from school or an event related to school.

(2) “schoolbus equipment” means equipment designed primarily for a schoolbus or manufactured or sold to replace or improve a system, part, or component of a schoolbus or as an accessory or addition to a schoolbus.

(b) Standards.–The Secretary shall prescribe motor vehicle safety standards for schoolbuses and schoolbus equipment manufactured in, or imported into, the United States. Standards shall include minimum performance requirements for–

(1) emergency exits;

(2) interior protection for occupants;

(3) floor strength;

(4) seating systems;

(5) crashworthiness of body and frame (including protection against rollover hazards);

(6) vehicle operating systems;

(7) windows and windshields; and

(8) fuel systems.

(c) Test Driving by Manufacturers.–The Secretary may require by regulation a schoolbus to be test-driven by a manufacturer before introduction in commerce.