There shall be established within the Department of Finance a Division of Energy Management.

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(a) The functions, powers, and duties of the Division of Energy Management shall be, with respect to state-owned or state leased facilities, as follows:

(1) To formulate a statewide energy management program to promote energy conservation.

(2) To establish long-range plans in regard to state energy management needs.

(3) To study, develop, and implement methods of measuring and reporting energy efficiency and energy usage for state owned and leased facilities and to require all agencies to assist in such activities.

(4) To promulgate uniform standards of energy management and energy savings procedures and practices applicable to all state-owned or state leased facilities.

(5) To develop energy conservation practices in the design, construction, renovation, operation, furnishing, equipping, and maintenance of state facilities.

(6) To assist and advise the Director of Finance on cost savings methods through energy management.

(7) To contract with other agencies, corporations, entities, or individuals to make studies, surveys, investigations, or recommendations for energy management or energy savings procedures and practices.

(8) To make rules and regulations necessary to implement the provisions of this article.

(9) To perform such other functions and duties of the Department of Finance as may from time to time be assigned by the Director of Finance.

(b) The Division of Energy Management shall be headed by and under the supervision, direction and control of an officer who shall be designated Director of Energy Management. He or she shall be appointed, subject to the provisions of the state Merit Law, by the Director of Finance, with the approval of the Governor. The compensation of such officer shall be fixed in accordance with the pay plan of the state Merit System.

(Act 2015-435, §7.)