(a) In this part words used in the masculine gender include the feminine and neuter genders and words used in the neuter gender include the masculine and feminine genders.

Terms Used In Alabama Code 45-37-121

  • commission: The citizens supervisory commission. See Alabama Code 45-37-121
  • county: A county within the population class prescribed by this part. See Alabama Code 45-37-121
  • following: means next after. See Alabama Code 1-1-1
  • Jurisdiction: (1) The legal authority of a court to hear and decide a case. Concurrent jurisdiction exists when two courts have simultaneous responsibility for the same case. (2) The geographic area over which the court has authority to decide cases.
  • person: includes a corporation as well as a natural person. See Alabama Code 1-1-1

(b) The terms governing body, governing bodies, and government as used in this part shall include the county board of health.

(c) The following words, terms, and phrases, wherever used in this part, shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them in this subsection unless the context plainly indicates a contrary meaning:

(1) APPOINTING AUTHORITY or APPOINTING POWER. The person, officer, board, council, commission, or other body, including the county board of health, whose lawful jurisdiction or powers are confined wholly or primarily within the territorial limits of such county and who or which possesses final power to appoint persons to services, jobs, offices, or positions, the compensation of which is paid in whole or in part from the public funds of such county or from the public funds of a municipality in such county subject to this part.

(2) BOARD or THE BOARD. The personnel board created hereby.

(3) COMMISSION. The citizens supervisory commission.

(4) COUNTY. A county within the population class prescribed by this part.

(5) EMPLOYEE or APPOINTEE. Persons in the classified service herein set up and appointed by an appointing authority, unless herein specifically excepted.

(6) MUNICIPALITY or CITY. A village, town, or city duly incorporated and not excepted, excluded, or excused from the operation of this part and the county board of health within a county subject to this part.

(Acts 1945, No. 248, p. 376, §1.)