(a) Not less than seven days after the county enters into a binding agreement for the issuance of debt or enters into a binding swap agreement, it shall file a report in the public records of the county. The report shall include all of the following:

Terms Used In Alabama Code 45-37-162.05

(1) The final terms of such debt or swap agreement to the extent such terms were referenced or described in the related notice of public hearing.

(2) A description of any variation in the expected facts and circumstances described in the related notice of the public hearing, or the related preliminary official statement, and the final terms of the debt or the swap agreement, and the reason for such variation.

(3) Each person who has been paid, or will be paid, directly or indirectly, for services rendered in connection with the debt or swap agreement, including the underwriter rendering underwriting or investment banking services, and the amount of each payment.

(b) If the information required in the report delivered pursuant to subsection (a) is included in a final official statement prepared in connection with the debt, or the debt related to the swap agreement, the report may adopt by reference the information in the final official statement.

(Act 2010-519, p. 873, §6.)