(a) In the event any territory then within the boundaries of one or more districts shall be annexed to any municipality, then, from and after the date that is 30 days after the date such annexation becomes effective, but in all events subject to Section 45-41-141.07,

Terms Used In Alabama Code 45-41-141.06

  • commission: The Lee County Commission or other governing body of the county. See Alabama Code 45-41-141
  • district: A fire fighting district established pursuant to Amendment 392 or any law providing for the implementation of the authorizing amendment of Amendment 392. See Alabama Code 45-41-141
  • FINANCIAL CHARGE: A financial charge or assessment levied by the commission in accordance with the authorizing amendment and this part. See Alabama Code 45-41-141
  • municipality: An incorporated city or town. See Alabama Code 45-41-141

(1) Such territory shall be excluded from such district or districts, and

(2) Any financial charge theretofore authorized hereunder to be levied and collected within such territory shall not be authorized to be so levied and collected,

(b) And the commission, as promptly as practicable thereafter, shall take such action as shall be necessary to alter the boundaries of such district or districts so as to exclude such territory therefrom and to ratify and confirm the exclusion of such territory from such district or districts [including, without limitation, the filing of a description or appropriate map or maps in accordance with subsection (d) of Section 45-41-141.02]. However, if, not later than 30 days after the effective date of such annexation, the governing body of such municipality duly adopts a resolution describing such territory (or such portion or portions thereof as the governing body may determine) and approving the continued inclusion of such territory (or such portion or portions thereof) within such district or districts, such territory (or such portion or portions thereof) so described in such resolution shall continue to be included in such district or districts, all as if such annexation had not occurred; it being understood, however, that the commission may at any time thereafter alter the boundaries of such district or districts or exclude such territory therefrom, in accordance with Section 45-41-141.04. The governing body of such municipality shall cause a certified copy of such resolution to be delivered, promptly after the adoption thereof, to the commission. In the event that such territory is so excluded from such district or districts as a result of the failure of such governing body to adopt such a resolution within the period of time described above, such territory may nevertheless thereafter be included in a district or districts upon compliance with the applicable provisions of subsection (a) of Section 45-41-141.02 (including authorization by the governing body of the affected municipality).

(Act 89-390, p. 747, §7.)