(a) The commission may at any time and from time to time call a special election to be held in any district, for the purpose of determining whether a financial charge shall be authorized to be levied and collected within such district, whether the rate (or maximum rate) of any financial charge then authorized to be levied in a district shall be authorized to be increased, or whether the period of time (or maximum period of time) during which any such financial charge is then authorized to be levied shall be extended (as the case may be). The commission shall cause notice of such election to be given by publication, once a week for three successive weeks, in a newspaper published and having general circulation in the county, the first publication to be made at least 21 days before such election. Such notice shall state the purpose for which such election is to be held, the time and places for holding the same, the maximum rate of financial charge proposed to be levied, the period of time during which such financial charge is proposed to be levied, and a description of the boundaries of the district (or the township or townships and section or sections, or subdivisions thereof, in which such district is situated) in which such election is to be held; provided, that in lieu of (or in addition to) such description,

Terms Used In Alabama Code 45-41-141.12

(1) Such notice may refer to any map or maps theretofore filed in the office of the judge of probate of the county in accordance with subsection (d) of Section 45-41-141.02 and clearly showing the then current boundaries of such district, specifying the recording data with respect thereto or otherwise describing the appropriate procedure for obtaining access to a copy of such map or maps for examination prior to such election; or

(2) Such map or maps may be published as a part of (and contemporaneously with) such notice.

(b) Such notice shall be signed by the chair of the commission or by such other person as the commission may designate. If, at the time required for the publication of any such notice, no newspaper meeting the requirements of the preceding provisions of this section is being published, then notice of such election shall be posted in three public places in such district at least 21 days before such election. Irrespective of whether such notice is to be published or posted, the commission may also (but shall not be required to) cause to be posted at the county courthouse, prior to such election, any map or maps clearly showing the then current boundaries of such district.

(Act 89-390, p. 747, §13.)