§ 12-5A-1 Legislative findings and intent
§ 12-5A-2 Duties of Administrative Director of Courts; education and training for juvenile probation officers
§ 12-5A-3 Juvenile Probation Services Fund
§ 12-5A-4 Duties transferred to Administrative Office of Courts; transition of personnel
§ 12-5A-5 Employees included in state court system personnel system; salary subsidies
§ 12-5A-6 Phase-out of financial support from counties
§ 12-5A-7 Juvenile probation officers – Allocation by population
§ 12-5A-8 Juvenile probation officers – Supervision; employees of state; appointment and dismissal; director of probation services; certain employees subject to merit system procedures
§ 12-5A-9 Participation of eligible employees in Employees’ Retirement System; creditable service; formal leave accounting system; inclusion in health insurance plan
§ 12-5A-10 Operating expenses; inventory of county-owned property; election to transfer property to state; county to provide office space, etc
§ 12-5A-11 County programs, etc., unaffected
§ 12-5A-12 Study commission created
§ 12-5A-13 Applicability to certain counties
§ 12-5A-14 Construction