§ 16-6F-1 Short title
§ 16-6F-2 Legislative intent
§ 16-6F-3 Legislative findings
§ 16-6F-4 Definitions
§ 16-6F-5 Enrollment; credits; student capacity; records
§ 16-6F-6 Authorization of establishment; Alabama Public Charter School Commission; registration requirements; powers and duties of authorizers
§ 16-6F-7 Applicant proposals; conversion to public charter school; terms of charters; contracts
§ 16-6F-8 Performance framework; oversight; renewal; revocation; school closure and dissolution; reporting
§ 16-6F-9 Legal status and powers of public charter schools; employees
§ 16-6F-10 Reporting of enrollment, attendance, etc.; funding
§ 16-6F-11 Public School and College Authority funding; local school system facilities and land