§ 37-2A-1 Short title
§ 37-2A-2 Definitions
§ 37-2A-3 Purpose
§ 37-2A-4 Jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission
§ 37-2A-5 Process for election
§ 37-2A-5.1 Waiver of federal exemptions, suspensions, and modification
§ 37-2A-6 Customer notification
§ 37-2A-7 Universal service programs; Lifeline and Link-Up service
§ 37-2A-8 Provision of basic telephone service and optional telephone features
§ 37-2A-9 Standards for new entrants
§ 37-2A-10 Supervision and inspection fees
§ 37-2A-10.1 Application of fees
§ 37-2A-11 Interpretation