Article 1 General Provisions 41-16-1 – 41-16-5
Article 2 Competitive Bidding on Public Contracts Generally 41-16-20 – 41-16-32
Article 3 Competitive Bidding on Contracts of Certain State and Local Agencies, etc 41-16-50 – 41-16-63
Article 3A Competitive Bidding on Contracts for Goods and Services 41-16-70 – 41-16-79
Article 3B Submissions for Public Contracts and Grants, Disclosure Requirements 41-16-80 – 41-16-88
Article 6 Disposition of Surplus Personal Property Owned by State 41-16-120 – 41-16-125
Article 7 Guaranteed Energy Cost Savings Contracts 41-16-140 – 41-16-144

Terms Used In Alabama Code > Title 41 > Chapter 16

  • Affidavit: A written statement of facts confirmed by the oath of the party making it, before a notary or officer having authority to administer oaths.
  • AFFILIATED COMPANY: Any company in the same corporate system as a parent, an industrial insured, or a member organization by virtue of common ownership, control, operation, or management. See Alabama Code 45-47-230
  • ALIEN CAPTIVE INSURANCE COMPANY: Any insurance company formed to write insurance business for its parents and affiliates and licensed pursuant to the laws of an alien jurisdiction which imposes statutory or regulatory standards in a form acceptable to the commissioner on companies transacting the business of insurance in that jurisdiction. See Alabama Code 45-47-230
  • Answer: The formal written statement by a defendant responding to a civil complaint and setting forth the grounds for defense.
  • association: Any legal association of individuals, corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, associations, or other entities whereby either of the following exists:

    a. See Alabama Code 45-47-230

  • ASSOCIATION CAPTIVE INSURANCE COMPANY: Any company that insures risks of the member organizations of the association, and that also may insure the risks of affiliated companies of the member organizations and the risks of the association itself and their affiliated companies. See Alabama Code 45-47-230
  • BRANCH BUSINESS: Any insurance business transacted by a branch captive insurance company in this state. See Alabama Code 45-47-230
  • BRANCH CAPTIVE INSURANCE COMPANY: Any alien captive insurance company licensed by the commissioner to transact the business of insurance in this state through a business unit with a principal place of business in this state. See Alabama Code 45-47-230
  • BRANCH OPERATIONS: Any business operations of a branch captive insurance company in this state. See Alabama Code 45-47-230
  • CAPTIVE INSURANCE COMPANY: Any pure captive insurance company, association captive insurance company, risk retention group, protected cell captive insurance company, incorporated cell captive insurance company, or industrial insured captive insurance company formed or licensed under this chapter. See Alabama Code 45-47-230
  • cave: includes but is not limited to cavern, pit, pothole, well (natural), sinkhole, and/or grotto. See Alabama Code 43-2-298
  • commissioner: The Alabama Commissioner of Insurance or the commissioner's designee. See Alabama Code 45-47-230
  • Continuance: Putting off of a hearing ot trial until a later time.
  • county: Each county in the state. See Alabama Code 45-36-241.20
  • Damages: Money paid by defendants to successful plaintiffs in civil cases to compensate the plaintiffs for their injuries.
  • Dependent: A person dependent for support upon another.
  • division: Surplus Property Division of the Department of Economic and Community Affairs. See Alabama Code 41-16-120
  • ELIGIBLE ENTITY: Any public agency or nonprofit educational or public health institution or organization that is eligible to participate as a recipient of surplus property pursuant to the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949, as amended, and that is not found to be in violation of division rules and regulations during the 12 months immediately preceding the intended purchase. See Alabama Code 41-16-120
  • Embezzlement: In most states, embezzlement is defined as theft/larceny of assets (money or property) by a person in a position of trust or responsibility over those assets. Embezzlement typically occurs in the employment and corporate settings. Source: OCC
  • Ex officio: Literally, by virtue of one's office.
  • Executor: A male person named in a will to carry out the decedent
  • Fair market value: The price at which an asset would change hands in a transaction between a willing, informed buyer and a willing, informed seller.
  • Fiduciary: A trustee, executor, or administrator.
  • GENERAL ACCOUNT: All assets and liabilities of a protected cell captive insurance company not attributable to a protected cell. See Alabama Code 45-47-230
  • GOVERNING BODY: The county commission of a county. See Alabama Code 45-36-241.20
  • Grand jury: agreement providing that a lender will delay exercising its rights (in the case of a mortgage,
  • GSA CONTRACT: A contract for goods or services established by the General Services Administration of the United States Government or its successor agency. See Alabama Code 41-16-71
  • Indictment: The formal charge issued by a grand jury stating that there is enough evidence that the defendant committed the crime to justify having a trial; it is used primarily for felonies.
  • INDUSTRIAL INSURED: As defined in subdivision (2) of Section 27-10-20. See Alabama Code 45-47-230
  • INDUSTRIAL INSURED CAPTIVE INSURANCE COMPANY: Any company that insures risks of the industrial insureds that comprise the industrial insured group, and that may insure the risks of the affiliated companies of the industrial insureds and the risks of the controlled unaffiliated business of an industrial insured or its affiliated companies. See Alabama Code 45-47-230
  • INDUSTRIAL INSURED GROUP: Any group that meets either of the following criteria:

    a. See Alabama Code 45-47-230

  • Interest rate: The amount paid by a borrower to a lender in exchange for the use of the lender's money for a certain period of time. Interest is paid on loans or on debt instruments, such as notes or bonds, either at regular intervals or as part of a lump sum payment when the issue matures. Source: OCC
  • Judgement: The official decision of a court finally determining the respective rights and claims of the parties to a suit.
  • juries: include courts or judges in all cases when a jury trial is waived, or when the court or judge is authorized to ascertain and determine the facts as well as the law. See Alabama Code 30-3D-608
  • Juror: A person who is on the jury.
  • Legatee: A beneficiary of a decedent
  • Litigation: A case, controversy, or lawsuit. Participants (plaintiffs and defendants) in lawsuits are called litigants.
  • MEMBER ORGANIZATION: Any individual, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, association, or other entity that belongs to an association. See Alabama Code 45-47-230
  • municipality: A municipal corporation in the state. See Alabama Code 45-36-241.20
  • No true bill: A legal procedure to dismiss charges against a defendant when the grand jury does not find enough evidence to charge the defendant with violating a law. Also called a "no bill."
  • Oversight: Committee review of the activities of a Federal agency or program.
  • parent: An individual, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, association, or other entity that directly or indirectly owns, controls, or holds with power to vote more than 50 percent of the outstanding of any of the following:

    (1) Voting securities of a pure captive insurance company organized as a stock corporation. See Alabama Code 45-47-230

  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: The services of physicians, architects, engineers, attorneys, and other individuals, or business entities offering the services of such individuals, who possess a high degree of scientific or specialized skill and knowledge where the experience and professional qualifications of the service provider are particularly relevant to the provision of the required service. See Alabama Code 41-16-71
  • PROTECTED CELL: A separate account established by a protected cell captive insurance company formed or licensed under this chapter, in which an identified pool of assets and liabilities is segregated and insulated by means of this chapter from the remainder of the protected cell captive insurance company's assets and liabilities in accordance with the terms of one or more participant contracts to fund the liability of the protected cell captive insurance company, with respect to the participants as set forth in the participant contracts. See Alabama Code 45-47-230
  • PROTECTED CELL CAPTIVE INSURANCE COMPANY: Any captive insurance company meeting all of the following:

    a. See Alabama Code 45-47-230

  • Public law: A public bill or joint resolution that has passed both chambers and been enacted into law. Public laws have general applicability nationwide.
  • publish: Print or electronic distribution of information. See Alabama Code 41-16-120
  • PURE CAPTIVE INSURANCE COMPANY: Any company that insures risks of its parent and affiliated companies or controlled unaffiliated business or businesses. See Alabama Code 45-47-230
  • Settlement: Parties to a lawsuit resolve their difference without having a trial. Settlements often involve the payment of compensation by one party in satisfaction of the other party's claims.
  • SOLE SOURCE: The provision of goods or a service where only one person or business entity can provide the required goods or service. See Alabama Code 41-16-71
  • speleothem: A natural secondary mineral deposit or formation in a cave. See Alabama Code 43-2-298
  • state: The State of Alabama. See Alabama Code 45-36-241.20
  • Statute: A law passed by a legislature.
  • Statute of limitations: A law that sets the time within which parties must take action to enforce their rights.
  • SURPLUS PROPERTY: That property declared by the property manager of each state department, bureau, board, commission, or agency to be surplus and so designated in writing to the director of the division. See Alabama Code 41-16-120
  • Testify: Answer questions in court.
  • True bill: Another word for indictment.
  • Trustee: A person or institution holding and administering property in trust.
  • Veto: The procedure established under the Constitution by which the President/Governor refuses to approve a bill or joint resolution and thus prevents its enactment into law. A regular veto occurs when the President/Governor returns the legislation to the house in which it originated. The President/Governor usually returns a vetoed bill with a message indicating his reasons for rejecting the measure. In Congress, the veto can be overridden only by a two-thirds vote in both the Senate and the House.
  • WILD CAVE: Any cave or portion of a cave that is not a commercial cave. See Alabama Code 43-2-298