§ 41-16A-1 Short title
§ 41-16A-2 Legislative intent
§ 41-16A-3 Definitions
§ 41-16A-4 Authorization to utilize alternative financing contracts; scope of contracts
§ 41-16A-5 Permissible contract provisions; general and limited obligation distinction may be made; allowable pledge payment sources; classification of entity’s contracting and contracts
§ 41-16A-6 Proprietary function contracting not restricted
§ 41-16A-7 Impact of other state laws upon interpretation of contracts executed pursuant to this chapter
§ 41-16A-8 Investment status of contracts
§ 41-16A-9 Construction
§ 41-16A-10 Reliance of grantor party on legal authority of entity
§ 41-16A-11 Chapter declaratory of existing law