§ 41-6A-1 Short title
§ 41-6A-2 Legislative intent
§ 41-6A-3 Department created; organization; duties of officers; director; employees
§ 41-6A-4 Departmental functions; clearinghouse for energy data
§ 41-6A-5 Public awareness and education programs; objectives
§ 41-6A-6 Rulemaking power; scope of rules
§ 41-6A-7 Administration of chapter; contracts with other agencies, departments, etc.; other agencies, departments, etc., affecting chapter to report to department; abstracts of proposals sent to department
§ 41-6A-8 Advisory council created; membership; officers; meetings; compensation; term
§ 41-6A-9 Council duties and functions
§ 41-6A-10 Funding and assumption of contracts
§ 41-6A-11 Proprietary information; confidentiality