§ 8-19B-1 Change in telecommunication service

Terms Used In Alabama Code > Title 8 > Chapter 19B

  • collect: To dig, cut or otherwise remove any ginseng from the location where it grew for the specific purpose of export. See Alabama Code 40-12-291
  • commissioner: The Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries or his designated representative. See Alabama Code 40-12-291
  • department: The Department of Agriculture and Industries. See Alabama Code 40-12-291
  • Evidence: Information presented in testimony or in documents that is used to persuade the fact finder (judge or jury) to decide the case for one side or the other.
  • export: To transport, deliver or cause to be transported or delivered to any person or place for the purpose of transportation from any place in this state to any place outside this state. See Alabama Code 40-12-291
  • ginseng: The plant Panax quinquefolius L. See Alabama Code 40-12-291
  • GINSENG COLLECTOR: Any person who intentionally removes wild ginseng from the location in which the plant grew for the purpose of sale, resale or export. See Alabama Code 40-12-291
  • person: Any individual, corporation, company, society, association or other business entity. See Alabama Code 40-12-291
  • purchase: To acquire, obtain or receive or to attempt to acquire, obtain or receive by exchange of money or other valuable consideration and specifically includes barter or exchange. See Alabama Code 40-12-291
  • WILD GINSENG: Ginseng in, or collected from its native habitat, notwithstanding whether the ginseng occurs naturally from that habitat or was introduced or increased in abundance by the actions of humans, including, but not limited to, sowing ginseng seed or by transplanting ginseng plants from other areas. See Alabama Code 40-12-291