(a) A court, when considering the sentence to be imposed under this chapter for an offense other than a violation of AS 11.41, AS 11.46.400, or a crime involving domestic violence, may permit the victim and the offender to submit a sentence for the court’s review based upon a negotiated agreement between the victim and the offender, or between the offender and the community if there is no victim. The court may, with the consent of the victim and the offender, impose the sentence that has been determined by the negotiated agreement between the offender and the victim, or between the offender and the community if there is no victim, if that sentence otherwise complies with this chapter and accomplishes the goals of restoration of the victim and the community and rehabilitation of the offender. Before accepting a negotiated agreement, the court shall determine that the victim has not been intimidated or coerced in reaching the agreement. In this section, “community” has the meaning determined by the court.

(b) At the time of sentencing, the court shall provide the victim with a form that

(1) provides information on

(A) whom the victim should contact if the victim has questions about the sentence or release of the offender;

(B) the potential for release of the offender on furlough, probation, or parole or for good time credit; and

(2) allows the victim to update the victim’s contact information with the court, the Victim Information and Notification Everyday service, and the Department of Corrections.